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Everyone can help

While we'd be delighted if you're a qualified aeronautical BEng, there's so much to be done here at Duxford that we can promise to keep you occupied whether or not you know your AF from your BSW. We always welcome people who're here to pitch in and get involved. It's not always glamorous - clearing the snow off the Britannia steps can have you asking yourself  searching questions about why you're here - but it's an amazingly satisfying way to catch pneumonia.

One of the most rewarding jobs, of course, is being on hand to talk to visitors. They love to hear stories of what it was like to fly in the wonderful aircraft, or have you describe the ear-shattering din inside a  charging Jagdpanther as three-inch shells hit the frontal armour with a noise like Satan's bin-men.

If the idea of working around old aircraft and tanks sounds like fun, then come and join a bunch of similarly strange people. We promise to pay you back in hot drinks, biccies and some damn' good laughs. Get in touch with our volunteer co-ordinator by clicking here, or just call us on 01223 836593.

Make a Donation

Restoring and preserving our irreplaceable charges is an expensive business. Not that we're complaining, you understand; it's worth every penny when we see the enjoyment on the faces of our visitors each day. But there's no escaping the fact that we always need more money. If you could spare just a few pounds, then you'll be doing something fantastic for vintage aviation and military vehicles.

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As a volunteer member you can receive exclusive benefits as a thank-you for pitching in to help us to achieve our aims.

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The Bristol Britannia needs your support

This costs money

Keeping our collection in pristine condition is an expensive business. Every donation, however small, preserves these treasures for future generations to enjoy.


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