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2’s company but 3 is not a crowd

Those of you who follow our Facebook page may well remember a recent run of posts covering three-engine jets such as the Trident, DC-10, Tristar and Boeing 727. This engine arrangement was nothing new as we shall see in this article about some early piston engine tri-motor aircraft. The first tri-motor plane built would appear to be the Batson Air Yacht. Designed to cross the Atlantic, it was a seaplane designed and built in the USA in 1913. Sadly it never flew having sunk... more >


Click on image below to enter the York Flight Deck 360-degree tour.   Click on image below to enter the York Wireless Operator's position 360-degree tour.   Click on image below to enter the York Navigator's position 360-degree tour.   Click on image below to enter the York Fuselage 360-degree tour.  more >


Welcome back! IWM Duxford has now fully reopened to the public. You can now pick up one of our free Visitor Guides to find our more about the Duxford Aviation Society's collections: The Military Vehicle Wing... more >

Marksman – Back on Track video

Click on image below to see the Marksman video.    more >

The jetliner race

The Jetliner Race

Ask any 1950s schoolboy, or anyone interested in aviation history or travel what the first jet airliner was and they will correctly tell you the de Havilland Comet. Ask them what the second one to fly was and you would no doubt get varied... more >


Today saw the first IWM Duxford flying day of 2021, which gave us the perfect opportunity to put on our own show of Military Vehicles. Heavy rain overnight made for a rather muddy arena, challenging some of the vehicles on their first... more >


Boeing’s best selling baby

  From its entry into airline service with Lufthansa in February 1968 to the present day, you could visit any airport around the world and very likely see an example of Boeing’s best selling jet. With nearly 11,000 built,... more >

Trislander Flight 360

Trislander 360 degree Tour

Click on image below to enter the Trislander 360-degree tour.      more >


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