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The Vikings are Coming !!

No, not the Norse chaps with cow horns on their hats but the stubby little 1940s airliner from Vickers. First flying in June 1945, when production ended 163 of these 21-36 seat aeroplanes would have graced our skies. They were operated all around the world with 35 UK airlines alone having had one on their books. BEA would over time operate a total of 80 examples. As the Second World War drew to a close, aircraft manufacturers in the UK began to look at how they could move from... more >


On board the Ambassador volunteers Ray and Cliff were doing major renovation work on the freight door. This heavy structure has been increasingly difficult to open in recent years and Ray has been keen to reinstate the spring and cable system that makes it possible for one person to open the door with ease. Last used in 1971, this powerful mechanism presents a temendous challenge but Ray and Cliff seemed quietly confident.  more >

Airliner Open Dates September

As we are a volunteer based organisation we will try our very best but the dates below are subject to change. ALL aircraft are open on Airshow days (September 16th and 17th) In Airspace: September Concorde Every... more >

Winter work in the workshop 2

The BAe146 axle stands have been created and painted also in for a repaint were the BAC 1-11 engine support panels.  more >



95 years ago in 1928, a young RAF cadet at the RAF College Cranwell submitted a paper to his tutors showing the design of a usable jet engine. That cadet was Frank Whittle. The principle of the jet engine wasn’t new, the... more >

Winter work in the workshop 1

The aircraft workshop looked pretty clear early February but new challenges arrived mid month. Huge fibreglass engine blanks were laid out on a bench for a clean and polish. These belong to the VC10 which has a full programme of anti-corrosion... more >


75 years of the Viscount

16 July 1948 dawned damp and gloomy as test pilots Mutt Summers (who flew the prototype Spitfire) and Jock Bryce (who would go on to fly the prototype VC10) forsook their normal office in the Vickers flight test building at Weybridge for... more >


A recent visit to Duxford provided the opportunity to showcase the STROND watches in Concorde 101 G-AXDN's cockpit. Each watch contains a part of a genuine panel and so is a unique way of owning a part of this historic aircraft. The... more >


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