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The Story of the DC9

From 104 feet to 152 feet, back to 124 feet and all points in between, the Douglas DC-9 and its derivatives the McDonnell -Douglas MD-80/90 series and Boeing 717 was a very flexible design, even allegedly lending itself for use by the Chinese in developing their Comac ARJ21 airliner. With its long range DC-8 airliner in production Douglas took a look at the short to medium haul market and came up with the twin Pratt and Whitney JT-8 engined DC-9, first flying as the 10 series... more >


Click on image below to enter the York Flight Deck 360-degree tour.   Click on image below to enter the York Wireless Operator's position 360-degree tour.   Click on image below to enter the York Navigator's position 360-degree tour.   Click on image below to enter the York Fuselage 360-degree tour.  more >


Following the IWM’s recommendation that visitors wear masks indoors where possible, especially in crowded areas and enclosed spaces. Duxford Aviation Society (DAS) has decided that visitors boarding any DAS airliner must... more >

Marksman – Back on Track video

Click on image below to see the Marksman video.    more >

Props Over the Water

Props Over the Water

Before the Second World War if you wanted to fly on a scheduled flight across the Pacific or Atlantic Oceans it would have been on a flying boat, after the war all that changed. With the availability of many new airfields with hard runways... more >


Today saw the first IWM Duxford flying day of 2021, which gave us the perfect opportunity to put on our own show of Military Vehicles. Heavy rain overnight made for a rather muddy arena, challenging some of the vehicles on their first... more >


The Overnighters

Up until the early 1970s if you wanted to send a parcel you would have taken it to the Post Office who would send it by van to a local sorting office and then another van, train or maybe by plane to the destination sorting office, from... more >

Trislander Flight 360

Trislander 360 degree Tour

Click on image below to enter the Trislander 360-degree tour.      more >


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