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New home for the Herald


Added by Bob Wright on 26 January 2022

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We can now confirm the rumours that Handley Page Herald G-APWJ will be moving from Duxford to Morayvia near Inverness.  

Morayvia is an aviation and technology museum and, like Duxford Aviation Society who own the British Airliner Collection, a charity.

Morayvia have a reputation for excellence and have done some amazing work in restoring and conserving their aviation exhibits.  They are excited about the Herald moving to their museum and have undertaken to keep it in immaculate condition.  As part of their offering Morayvia are considering using the Herald as a ‘classroom’ to teach visitors and youngsters about the history of aviation.


Dismantling of the Herald has started and will probably take two or three weeks and we shall be publishing photos on our social media.  The specialists carrying out the work currently think it may be possible for the fuselage to make the 528-mile journey in one piece.   If not they will separate it at one of the two construction joints.


Relocating the Herald is expensive and it is planned to launch a crowdfunding appeal in the next few days, with monies raised going to cover those costs, and any excess going to Morayvia to assist in  maintaining the Herald.


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